Pottery Classes for the One-time Experience

For the month of March, we’ll be promoting our single sessions classes! A lot of people would love to try pottery but don’t have the availability in their schedules to commit to a month long class, or just want to try it once to see if it’s something they want to commit more time to.

This type of class is just for you!

A single session class works out great for individuals, couples and groups looking to do something different and fun in a short amount of time.

Single session classes last about an hour to hour-and-a half-ish and include all materials (clay & tools). You will get to experience the pottery wheel and using molds to get a sense of the pottery making process, and it can be a dirty one at that. So be sure to wear those work clothes or clothes you don’t mind getting a little dirty!

Costs (for Single session classes in March)

  • $45.00 for individuals
  • $65.00 for to 2 friends
  • $175.00 for 6 friends
  • $250.00 for groups of 8 people
  • For groups over 8 people, it is just $35.00 per person over 8 and is limited to 15 people

Available Single Class Session Times (March)

(All classes are scheduled Monday-Saturday)

  • 10am-11/11:30am
  • 11:30pm-12:30/1pm
  • 2-3/3:30pm
  • 4-5/5:30pm (last class of the day ends at 6pm so would have to begin no later than 5pm, just in time for dinner!)

In the event you make something you would us to fire and glaze for you, we can make that happen to!

Cost to have pots fired and glazed is between $8-$25/pot depending on size.

Need to have it shipped? No problem! Our studio is just around the corner from the local post office and we’d gladly make those arrangements for you. Cost of shipping is contingent upon shipping location and size of pot(s), but can usually be done for less than $20 anywhere in the continental U.S.

Sound like fun?

Ready to make a reservation?

Call/Text 731-388-7278 anytime, Monday-Saturday between 9am-5pm to get signed up!

pottery classes single sessions

A Holistic Method of Pottery

Modern pottery clay is composed of minerals dug up from the earth, combined into an elastic mud we turn into functional wares that lasts thousands of years. Just amazing if think about it.

Glazes are also made up of minerals dug up from the earth, pulverized into powders and combined based on the chemical reactions to one another when heated to thousands of degrees to ignite their potentials and outcomes.

But there is one substance we can use to glaze pots readily accessible to anyone with a wood burning fireplace, pit, or stove. Wood ash.

I find this even more profound, taking a byproduct made during the burning process then using it during a hotter burning process to acquire something aesthetic. Something holistic.

Mug in its greenware state (dried out clay)
Mug after it’s been applied with a wood ash glaze and fired to 2150*F