UPDATE: since the Covid-19 lockdown

For the time being, all art classes will continue to remain suspended due to the affects of the Covid-19 debacle.

Phone calls are starting to come back in asking when classes will resume and the answer to that question honestly is, not really sure. The minimum requirement that has to be met in order for classes to resume is that people in general have to feel comfortable being out-and-about.

Until the general population and businesses such as restaurants are allowed to operate “like normal,” it’s not prudent for classes to resume from a business standpoint.

Although if the demand for classes resumes, the supply side of this equation will be here ready to accomodate.

With that said, if you are one who is interested in taking an art class (pottery, sculpture, painting, etc.) please make contact and get your name on the list! As soon as there’s enough interest, a class will be made available!

Email Interest to: info@alsobrookart.supply

Call/Text Interest to: 731-388-7278

Until then, our shop is open both on Main St and online!

1309 E Main St., Humboldt, TN 38343

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