Studio Memberships

If you’re looking for creative community where you can practice your craft whether it’s pottery, painting, or whatever, considering joining Alsobrook Art Supply and let’s build community together in the heart of downtown!

Studio Members receive 24 hour access to the studio to come and go as they please. You will have your own work and storage space, access to tools, and coffee! (to keep you rocking it through the night of course).

The studio space you see in the picture above is literally just 25% of the total potential studio space here!

Current studio memberships are just $35.00/month made payable in 3 month increments ($105).

Why choose to be a studio member with us?

  • you’ll be exposed to trained artists
  • you’ll make local and international contacts
  • you’ll be able to sell your work through our platforms
  • the studio is located in the downtown area close to several locally owned restaurants and other businesses like a local grocery, movie theater, park, and other retail businesses to generate leads to sell your work and draw inspiration from too
  • the studio is also quiet despite being in the heart of downtown

If you’re interested in becoming a studio member, contact Rob at:, 731-388-7278 (text is cool also)

*last revised 1/15/2019